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Webinar on Interlinking of UNSDGs and Green Educational Campuses through ‘Not Zero Net Zero’

Thursday 10th, June 2021 - Thursday 10th, June 2021

ASSOCHAM is the oldest apex chamber of India, which started its endeavour of value creation www.pradareplicabags.com for Indian industry in 1920. Having in its fold for more than 80 National Councils, National and State chambers, Trade Associations, it serves more than 4 lakhs direct and indirect MSME members from all over India.

We are pleased to announce that ASSOCHAM GEM Green Building Council, ASSOCHAM Education Council, TERRE Policy Center and Paryavaran Sanrakshan Group are collaboratively organising a webinar on Interlinking of UNSDGs and Green Campuses through ‘Not Zero Net Zero’, on Thursday, 10th June at 11:30 am.

The objective of the webinar is to initiate a collaborative action by Green Building sector and Education sector to define and unify existing green audit protocols in educational accreditation policies. In addition, it’s intended to spread another layer of sustainability awareness amongst students and professionals. The webinar is designed for everyone, with a major importance on imparting the knowledge, policy initiatives and professional future of sustainability in education sector and beyond.

We are pleased to invite your participation in the Webinar.

With your kind support & participation, we look forward to having your virtual presence at the session.

For further details, please contact:

Website - https://www.green-assocham.com

Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma - 93157 00465, amitkumar.sharma@assocham.com

Mr. Deepak Chhabra, 98105 40628, deepak.chhabra@assocham.com

Mr. Harish Pushpakar, 97117 46446, harish.pushpakar@assocham.com

Mr. Rohit Bhasin - 7838701858, rohit.bhasin@assocham.com

ASSOCHAM Corporate Office:

4th Floor, YMCA Cultural Centre and Library Building,
01, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi - 110001
Tel: 011 - 46550555/ +91 9315700465
E-mail: amitkumar.sharma@assocham.com

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